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Did you know Dr. Edward T. Himeno?

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Testimony by Dr. Himeno (August 6, 1981)

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Predator Psychiatrist

Dr. Edward T. Himeno was preeminent child psychiatrist between approximately 1958 and 1987. He was a graduate of Loma Linda University Medical School and went on to work for many years as the Director of Child Psychiatry at Loma Linda University. Dr. Himeno was also a child predator – sexually abusing multiple young boys that he was treating as patients.

At various times, Himeno was also affiliated with the Los Angeles County+USC Medical Center (also known as County/USC, LAC+USC, and sometimes still referred to by its former name Los Angeles County General) and Riverside General Hospital in Riverside, California. Himeno also had a private practice in Monterey Park and Huntington Beach, California.

Answering Questions of Survivors Abused by Dr. Edward Himeno

Timeline of Dr. Himeno's Access to Children

1954 - 1958

Himeno is a student at Loma Linda Medical School.

1958 - 1963

Dr. Himeno works as a resident and fellow at Los Angeles County+USC Medical Center (formerly known as Los Angeles County General Hospital)


Dr. Himeno opens a private practice in Monterey Park, California

November 1963

Dr. Himeno joins Board of Directors for MERCI (Mentally and Emotionally Retarded Children, Inc.) – a special education school in Monterey Park, CA.

1963 – 1967

Dr. Himeno serves as director of psychiatric clinic at Los Angeles County+USC Medical Center (formerly known as Los Angeles County General Hospital)

1966 - Early 1980s

Dr. Himeno works as a psychiatrist at Loma Linda University Medical Center, eventually becoming Director of Child Psychiatry. Dr. Himeno also serves as Associate Professor of Psychiatry at Loma Linda University School of Medicine.


Dr. Himeno opens a private practice in Riverside, California.

Early 1980s – 1987

Dr. Himeno serves as Director of Child Psychiatry Inpatient and Family Treatment Center at Riverside General Hospital in Riverside, California.

July 9, 1987

Dr. Himeno dies.

Loma Linda University Medical Center
is a
Seventh-Day Adventist Institution

Dr. Edward Himeno was educated at Loma Linda University and worked for many years as a psychiatrist at Loma Linda University Medical Center. It was there that Himeno came in contact with his first known victims -- young boys who were his patients.

Both Loma Linda University and its Medical Center are Seventh-day Adventist institutions. Loma Linda University began in 1905 when one of the founders of Seventh-day Adventism, Ellen G. White, worked together with other church leaders to purchase the property and develop what became known as the Loma Linda Sanitarium. The 11-story Loma Linda University Medical Center opened in July 1967. Later in 1993, the Loma Linda University Children's Hospital was completed, holding nearly 900 beds.

Today, Loma Linda University and its medical system comprise a multi-billion dollar conglomerate of corporations.

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